Monday, 21 November 2011

Letter of Recommendation for Accounting Jobs

A letter of recommendation for accounting jobs is a seriously written formal business document which helps the applicant to get his dream job. It can either be positive or negative. The positive letter of recommendation from the previous employers will help the potential employer in retaining the trustworthiness and faith of the job seeker.  A prospective employer may demand a letter of recommendation to gain some valuable information about the aptitude and attitude of the job seeker. Such cover letters provide the employers an insight into your work history and underlining your efficiency. It is better to take the letters immediately after leaving your job as it is a little difficult to keep a track of the previous employers.
Format of Letter of Recommendation for Accounting Jobs
The cover letter of recommendation is basically aimed at approving a person’s abilities, his behavioral characteristics and his education qualifications. Like any other letter this letter is a formal letter and needs to follow in the same manner.
Here are some instructions on how to write a recommendation letter:
  • Use business letter format as it is a formal document
  • Introduce yourself by stating the relationship with the candidate. You can mention the period for which you have known him
  • The second paragraph should include the factual details like the person’s job title, his responsibilities and duties, and his salary at the time of leaving. It may also highlight his personal characteristics and experiences along with the supportive examples to justify his relevant position. The information should be correct and genuine.
  • In the concluding paragraph summarize the details clearly stating a positive recommendation of the person

Who should write a letter of recommendation?
Ideally it should be written by a person who knows you well and will create a positive impact on the potential employer. The best person would however be the person in a supervisory position who knows you well.

Here is a sample cover letter of recommendation to guide you.

Roosevelt P. Barron
The HR Manager
1317 Koontz Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dylan I. Crenshaw
The Manager
Pacific Financial Corporation
1790 Bridge Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70583
Phone: 337-781-9617

Date: November 17, 2011
Dear Mr. Barron,
Gary G. Edwards had worked as an accounts assistant from January 15 2010 to September 31 2011. During his work tenure he has performed his duties exceptionally well.  He was highly appreciated by his co workers as well.
I commend his attention to detail and his ability to learn things fast made him a successful accountant.  He stays calm under pressure and especially good at the meeting the deadlines of the project. Moreover his accuracy standards are really high.
You are really fortunate to have Gary as an employee.  We wish her continued success in all her future endeavors.
Yours sincerely,
Dylan I. Crenshaw

The aim of cover letter of recommendation for accounting jobs is to give a valuable feedback of the job seeker highlighting his skills and professional expertise.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Before writing letter to any one, you should understand the format of Formal and Informal Letters in English.